Life is a Yard Sale

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Yard sale sign words

My husband and I had our first ever yard sale on Saturday.

Yep, married 20 years and we had never had one.

I had no idea how much work it would be to find, sort, and price things to sell.

The house looked like a disaster zone.

The actual day of the yard sale dawned hot and sunny. We set up tables, arranged our goods and waited for customers.

A few came, and then some more. Some even bought things.

We made a bit of money, but more importantly, got rid of a lot of things we no longer needed (yes, I still had toddler toys and a diaper pail though my kids are all teens and preteens!).

Yard Sale Table kids toys

As we welcomed people to our yard, to (perhaps) find some treasures among our unwanted things, it occurred to me that the principles of a good yard sale apply very well to life in general.

Unwanted Baggage

Yard sales show us all that we all have unwanted baggage. The physical evidence of this is clear as we sort through the piles of things we neither love nor need. Why do we hold on? It is the same in our emotional lives: we often find it hard to let things go. Emotional health involves finding a way to let go of hurt, just as in order to have a yard sale, you have to be able to part with your belongings.

Organization makes everything run more smoothly

This one is obvious to most of us, but often hard to achieve. Several people commented that our yard sale was well organized. We didn’t just plunk everything randomly on a table, but grouped things by theme. This made it easier for customers to see what we had and probably helped us to sell more. As in a garage sale, so in life – organization is something worth striving for.

Being kind is always in style

You may not have what your customer is hoping to find, but politeness always makes things better. Being friendly even if no purchase is made is the right thing to do. In every situation, there is no call for rudeness. Treating people well makes everything that much better.

Everyone likes chocolate chip cookies

We had cookies, lemonade and freezies to buy at our sale. It reminds me that hospitality is something that anyone can do and that everyone appreciates. I don’t normally charge my visitors (!), but the principle is there. Having simple refreshments available for guests is a friendly thing to do and helps people to feel welcome and cared for.


Letting go of possessions is actually very freeing. A wise man once said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Letting go of things reminds us of what is truly important: family, friends, faith, and love.

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