Happy 2017!

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I find out today, as I am listening to the radio, that it is Ditch Your New Years’ Resolution Day.

I laugh to myself as it has only been 2017 for a couple of weeks. Then I find myself breathing a sigh of relief. Because I, like presumably many others, have already not lived up to my resolutions.

We all make grand plans and I seem to fall into the trap every year, overestimating the amount of change I can pull off. I overestimate my energy-level, my commitment and I underestimate that sometimes (often!) life gets in the way of my plans.

Life often gets in the way of the best of intentions.

The last couple of weeks have involved the kids getting back to school, me getting back to work, 3 dental appointments, Christmas shopping exchanges (including a forgotten debit card and having to return to the same store twice) and the lovely pleasure of out of town guests.

I am not saying that change isn’t good and sometimes necessary. Nor am I saying that your new exercise plan or finally getting your finances in order isn’t important. We do need to pace ourselves, though, and be realistic to bring about real, lasting change.

Change is difficult to achieve and sometimes we put more into planning than implementation, or more into berating our shortcomings instead of celebrating the small successes.

Today is a great day to let go of unrealistic resolutions that are weighing us down with guilt. Life is about a continual balance between the push and pull of challenging ourselves to grow and accepting ourselves the way we are. Both things are needed for a happy, balanced life.

Happy New Year!