Clarity on The Ski Hill (Part 2) – Rest

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hammock pic

The night we went to the ski hill started out horribly. We had planned for several weeks to make an evening trip, normally being Saturday morning skiers. The kids were cranky, one of them didn’t want to go, voices were raised, tears shed.

Once I got to the hill, and stood in the snow, the peace of the night calmed me. I was able to see my life, our life as a family and the frantic pace we keep as it truly is: exhausting. Tempers run high when we are tired, frazzled, because we often don’t take the time to rest.

I realized, standing at the base of the hill, that I don’t rest. I am always throwing in a load of laundry, running kids here and there, buying groceries and trying to squeeze in a bit more work into every 24-hour period. And I bet that many of you are just the same.

I realized, standing in the snow, that it is a sacrilege that I don’t rest. In a world so full of beauty; it is a shame never to stop long enough to notice.

So I am trying something new. Again. Still. I am trying to have some time each day and some time each week to be still. To get outside if I can. To do nothing occasionally. I am trying to rest.

Because I need to rest so that I can have a bit of me left to give to the world. And so do you.